The Soul Nebula

Ever wonder what your soul looks like?


Well, probably not this.  This lovely Nebula is  located near Cassiopeia, and takes up a huge amount of space – in terms of the full moon, you could fit almost five across in this image, and nearly 4 top to bottom.

This is a 23 hour exposure in Sulfur (Red), Hydrogen (Green), and Oxygen (Blue), in what is known as the Hubble Palette.  I’ve skewed the colours after combining to eliminate the green and shift it to more of a gold.  

There is 3 hours of Hydrogen, 8.67 Hours of Sulfur, and 11.25 hours of Oxygen.  Hydrogen is the dominant emitter in this nebula, so a typical colour picture would look almost all red.  Oxygen (the blues in this pic) actually seemed to be the faintest, which is all in all, a bit odd for a nebula of this kind.

For the photographically inclined, this is F/4.8, and the FL=384mm