One of my favourite past times is photography.  I currently shoot on a Canon 6d, which is an amazingly fantastic budget full frame camera.  I’m particularly fond of macro work, but have been moving into landscapes since my discovery of the joys of full frame.


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I’m an avid astronomer and Astrophotographer.

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Timelapse Videos

Timelapse videos are a new exploration for me.  So far, there’s just one, but hopefully more to follow.   Still, its a good start, as CTV picked up the rights to this one and broadcast it nationally after our 2015 St. Paddy’s day solar storm.

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Two decades ago, I was a professional saxophone player.  While I’ve long since retired and become a Financial Planner by trade, the original (with its 90’s web design) is archived here for those still looking for info on how to learn to play the sax.  Take note, some of the content may now be dated, just like the web design.

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