Being a chronic insomniac, astronomy seemed like a good hobby to start doing.  When I was a kid, I was very fortunate to live in  a very dark, rural area, where I took one step outside, and was instantly able to see the Milky Way.  How times have changed!  Its now nearly impossible in southern Ontario to find pristine dark skies.

Take a look at how bad our skies actually are in this part of the world:

My Astrophotography

I’m fortunate enough to have a trailer in one of the darkish areas of Southern Ontario, and the RASC London Center has a dark sky sight near Fingal, with pretty dark skies to the south over Lake Erie. True darkness, however, is 4~5 hours away as the car flies…so, most of my imaging is from my back yard in Urban London.

One of the few ways to enjoy the skies from urban areas is via photography.  While tricky, stellar (pun fully intended) results are possible with DSLRs, and special mounts that track the rotation of the sky (or more accurately, the rotation of the earth – it just appears to us the sky is rotating!)  Most of the shots here are taken on a Canon 40D DSLR, or Canon Rebel XT.


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